Personal Injury

The repertoire of our civil law practice includes the representation of persons who have been seriously injured by the acts of another and the families of wrongful death victims. The Law Firm of Catalano & Catalano provides legal counsel to California accident victims in personal injury cases from our offices in San Diego and San Francisco. Our approach with insurance companies and personal injury law is aggressive and professional. As personal injury attorneys in California, we advise our clients on the legal, personal and financial implications of a personal injury case.

Personal injury claims are in the tort family of legal claims. Personal injury may be intentional, the result of negligence or strictly liability. The most common reason for a personal injury lawsuit is negligence. Examples of negligence that may cause personal injury include motor vehicle accident, pedestrian accident, boating accident and premises accident (ie. slip and fall). Victims of negligent personal injury are legally entitled to compensation for lost wages, medical bills, emotional distress, and pain and suffering.

Intentional acts causing personal injury are when the defendant purposely inflicts injury on the plaintiff. Examples of an intentional personal injury tort are assault, battery, infliction of emotional stress, drunk driving car accidents, medical malpractice and false imprisonment. The plaintiff may also be able to recover punitive damages due to the defendant’s intent to inflict harm.

Strict liability means that the defendant is responsible for your injury regardless of intent or negligence. Examples of liability personal injury torts are product liability and dog bites. Product liability refers to anyone manufacturing, assembling, marketing or selling a defective product that causes serious injury.

In the State of California it is also very important to file your personal injury claim within the statute of limitations, which is two years. In an intentional, negligent or liability personal injury tort case in California, the statute of limitations starts on the day of the injury (ie. the day of the car accident). You should consult a personal injury attorney for advice on the statute of limitations and other issues involved in personal injury lawsuits.

The attorneys of the Law Firm of Catalano & Catalano will fight to recover losses for your personal injury. Our firm is also able to evaluate potential medical malpractice cases in order to pursue personal injury claims on behalf of the plaintiff.