Insurance Bad Faith

Insurance companies receive thousands of claims daily, many of which are denied or underpaid. When an insurer unreasonably withholds legitimate insurance policy benefits, it is called a bad faith claim. Insurance bad faith is a breach of the insurance policy contract which may require the assistance of a bad faith insurance attorney. There are several ways which insurance companies commit bad faith including but not limited to:

  • improper investigation of insurance claims;
  • delaying payment or underpayment of insurance claims;
  • misinterpreting important insurance policy terms relating to the relevant insurance coverage;
  • failure of an insurer to 1) acknowledge receipt of a claim and 2) promptly communicate with the insured about the claim;
  • failing to promptly provide a reasonable explanation for the denial of a claim or for a settlement offer; or
  • forcing insureds to institute litigation to recover amounts due under the policy by offering substantially less for their claim than the amount ultimately recovered in actions brought by the insured’s.

When a policy holder submits a claim to their insurer under their own insurance policy, a first party insurance claim is filed. Anytime an insurance company is dealing with a claim submitted by their own insured, they have a duty to treat the policy holder reasonably and in good faith. Their failure to treat their insured reasonably and in good faith, could give rise to a claim for damages above and beyond the contract benefits of the policy. Under California law, insurance companies are required to act in good faith when dealing with your insurance claims. The Law Firm of Catalano & Catalano has experience representing persons against their insurers to obtain the benefits due to them under their insurance policies. The firm is knowledgeable regarding the insurance laws and regulations of the State of California, and with the handling of legal claims for insureds against their insurance carriers. We represent clients in matters involving insurance coverage disputes and insurance bad faith claims throughout the State of California.

Catalano & Catalano specializes in representing victims of disasters such as fires, floods, storm damage, theft, collapse, and other casualties. If your insurance claim denial was made in bad faith, you should request assistance from an experienced law firm to: 1) negotiate a resolution and an acceptable settlement with the insurance company for you, or 2) to file a lawsuit against your insurance company. When you involve a law firm, your insurance company will take your bad faith insurance claim more seriously. If your claim results in legal action, you are eligible for full payment for your loss as well as for punitive damages against the insurer.

If you believe you have been a victim of a bad faith insurance denial in California, contact our offices for a free consultation. Catalano & Catalano will review your insurance policy and consult with you on whether your loss is covered under California insurance laws.