Construction Defect Litigation

The number of construction-defect cases has surged in recent years due to record construction numbers. As a result, the area of Construction Defect Litigation has expanded and has become increasingly more complex. Our firm has extensive experience with Construction Defect Litigation and aggressively pursues developers and builders who do not deliver the products that they promised and provide sub par homes to their customers. We represent homeowners like you, who deserve to get what you paid for, a defect free, livable home.

A house is widely recognized as a family’s single most valuable financial investment and is also one of the most important emotional investments. As a result, your home is far more than mere bricks and mortar; it is the place of comfort and safety, where you rest, and raise your family. Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting homeowners realize their homes suffer from some type of construction defect that will probably cost thousands of dollars to repair, which in turn depreciates its value, or even forces them to leave their home. As a result, the specialized field of construction defect litigation has developed to hold developers and builders accountable for the harms that they have caused.

The typical construction defect case involves contracts between the homeowner and the developer and the agreements between the contractor and subcontractors, including the suppliers, architects, and engineers involved in building the home. The goal of a construction defect attorney is to have the court hold the party responsible for the defects either remedy the situation or provide monetary compensation for the defects. Typically, complaints against defendants allege negligence, breach of contract or warranty, strict liability, and even fraud or negligent misrepresentation.

Because construction defect litigation is so complex and highly contentious, California enacted Senate Bill 800 which went into effect on January 1, 2003, which establishes a mandatory process that must be followed prior to the filing of certain types of construction defect suits. The bill, known as SB800, applies whenever there are defects alleged by a homeowner in new residential construction.

If you believe your home suffers from defects caused by a builder or developer, you should consult an experienced construction litigation firm to protect your interests. Catalano & Catalano has achieved multi-million dollar settlements for its construction defect plaintiffs and will work hard and aggressively to obtain a favorable result for you. If you need an experienced construction defect litigation firm to represent you in this complex area of law, contact our offices to discuss your case.