Breach of Contract

The Law Firm of Catalano & Catalano represents people for the purpose of enforcing their agreements with others, and the benefits due them under these agreements. Breach of contract occurs when a party of an agreement deviates from the agreed upon terms or when one party prevents the other party from performing their part of a contract.

In order for the breach of contract to lead to a lawsuit, the damage must be material. However, the advice of an attorney in any breach of contract situation can prove to be valuable. That’s where we come in – our attorneys can help negotiate a settlement in the case of a breach of contract. Filing a lawsuit is an option in a breach of contract, though alternatives for dispute resolution include mediation and arbitration. The Law Firm of Catalano & Catalano can represent you in any of these legal situations.

Your rights in a breach of contract will depend greatly on the terms of the contract. A breach of contract may result in the pursuit of:

  • Compensatory damages – monetary reimbursement for your losses
  • Specific performance – a court order required performance of the agreed upon action
  • Rescission – both parties are relieved from their responsibilities as the contract is cancelled
  • Reformation – changing or rewriting a contract to address issues or mistakes when one party has been deceived os mislead
  • Punitive damages – money awarded to punish the offending party/defendant (punitive damages are rare in breach of contract cases)

You are wise to consult an attorney before entering a contract. If you find yourself in a breach of contract situation, the Law Firm of Catalano & Catalano is experienced in legally enforcing binding agreements.